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Impact Absorbing Playground Tiles

PLAYSQUARE™ is a premium rubber flooring product created by Kenco Group Limited, a Hong Kong company. The goal is to provide a healthy and safe play environment for children. The products are certified by international safety standards such as EN-1177 and BS-7188. Made with environmental-friendly recycled rubber, PLAYSQUARE™ is especially suitable for schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and parks.

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Brewin Path Temporary Playground
pll_5faa8bb0c274d, Tilemat, 中文 | English
Hung Tak Road Playground at Hung Shui Kiu
pll_5fab21cbd866c, Tilemat, 中文 | English
Jockey Club Hing Shing Road Playground
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Yuen Long Government Secondary School
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