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原文:Our flooring for sports halls and multipurpose halls offers customisable mechanical properties – toughness, elasticity and ductility. CONICA can provide the right hall flooring solution for every kind of sport. Thanks to the variety of colour combinations, there is no limit in terms of looks, too – whether plain or multi-coloured, logos and favourite designs are easy to incorporate. CONICA also offers systems with low emissions and high fire classification.

Polyurethane offers a wide range of advantages in comparison to other materials (such as linoleum, PVC and wood). Polyurethane floors reduce the risk of injury to athletes of all ages, protect people’s joints and also provide a secure footing.


Point elastic sports flooring system.
Ideal for children’s popular sports.

For fierce games

The ideal surface for all applications in children’s and youth sports.

Big jumps, soft landings

The high level of force reduction significantly reduces the risk of injury

Certified safety

The surface complies with all important international standards. Recognised by the IHF, FIBA and BWF

Layer with crush zone

The flexible PU surface forms a corresponding deformation when stressed with a point load

PU Sport Floor

Due to its flexible PU surface of two –

3mm, CONIPUR HG forms – when stressed with a point load – a small deformation, which is almost the size of the direct impact. These damping and protective properties can be individually adjusted by the thickness of the elastic layer. In addition, CONIPUR HG features a low build-up height.

In addition to numerous types of sports, CONIPUR HG is ideally suited for use in children’s and youth sports and significantly reduces the risk of injury due to its high force reduction.

CONIPUR HG meets all important international norms and standards and is acknowledged by the IHF, FIBA and BWF.


Combined elastic sports flooring system ideal for ball sport competitions, dance, aerobics and popular adult sports

Perfect mix of materials

Point elastic layer with surface-stiffening hard matrix for optimal stability underfoot, sliding characteristics and ball rebound

First-class components

100% pure, freshly produced materials with a clear origin

100% seamless

Also perfect for smaller, uneven surfaces thanks to liquid installation on site

For every grassroots sport

The right surface for every sport and every age group, from ball sports to fitness for seniors

Combined elastic sports floor

For CONIPUR CE, an area elastic substructure (PUR foam mat and wood matrix) is combined with a point elastic layer. Thanks to the area-stiffening intermediate layer, the CONIPUR CE system offers very good foot stability for the sportsperson.

Due to the rigid wooden matrix, the accessibility and load with sports equipment, as well as the multi-purpose use is almost unlimited. The requirements for the flatness of the sub-base are lower compared to the point and mixed flooring.

CONIPUR CE – the combined elastic sports floor largely combines the advantages of point and area elastic floors. As a rule, they have a larger swinging mass. The point elastic component on top of the wood construction has a protective and comfortable effect.

It meets all important international norms and technical standards and is approved by the FIBA ​​and IHF.