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Soundproof Material-Product Info

Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic underlays are used with most common flooring coverings to specifically reduce the impact sound, suited to a wide range of finished flooring surfacing including timbers, laminates, bamboo, ceramics, marble, vinyl, carpets.

Acoustic underlays are environmentally safe, remains permanently elastic, available in prefabricated rolls or sheets in thickness from 3mm to 20mm to meet various acoustical requirements for excellent results in floor isolation and superior sound control.A

Reasons For Acoustic Underlay

Sound Insulation
Acoustic underlay limits transmission of sound and general footfall.
Subfloor Levelling

The decoration floors may bridge if subfloor is not perfectly flat. Soft underlayment helps to prevent form damage.

Flooring System Optimization

With the right underlay, it optimizes the entire laminate flooring system and thus extends its service life.


– High-rise buildings, Hotels

– Houses, Apartments

– Condominiums, College dormitories

– Class rooms, Schools

– Under timber flooring / Laminate / Bamboo / Ceramics / Marble / Vinyl / Carpet

– Between walls

Features & Benefits

– Green, environment-friendy
– Excellent impact sound deadening in residential and commercial floors
– Permanently resilient
– Suitable for loose lay and direct stick applications